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I’ve always been fond of art; whether that be musical or the kind you’d find on a canvas. Maybe that’s because, personally, I am a creative person at heart; so I can understand what it takes, and what goes on when you’re trying to create something that is truthfully expressive to yourself.

So Why 1/1 NFT Art?
My goal with collecting art is to find pieces that speak to me in a way that enables an emotional connection. Also, it doesn’t hurt having pieces that “wow” me, visually. In comparison to the traditional art world, 1/1 NFTs are a lot more accessible (given if you can afford it). There is no need to go to an auction house; you can do all of it from your toilet if you’d like. Plus, there’s artists in this space who are truly remarkable.

What’s The Goal?
My goal is to support artists who, in my opinion, are worth investing into. Artists who have the passion to keep going, even in the more rough patches of their journey. The goal is to be able to collect a wide and diverse variety of art pieces that I’d hang on the walls of my own home.

So, What Have I Collected?
The part I am most excited to share. Below are the pieces I’ve collected in my journey throughout 2021 and 2022.

“Unbusy The Mind” by CryptoVulture from

Unbusy The Mind” is a piece that screams to me on a personal level. See, I struggle with both severe depression and anxiety, so my mind is busy. My takeaway from the above piece that the middle is full of scatterbrained thoughts with the little bee in the bottom left corner representing peace. It embodies my mind perfectly.

“ORIGINS #04” by McNatt from
“ORIGINS #04” by McNatt from

“ORIGINS #04” is one of chaos mixed with a bit of beauty. You have patches of a fire and the crowd of people on the left next to a serene beautiful ocean, with a woman in a hospital gown in the forefront looking on to the beautiful chaos ahead of her.

“Eucalyptus #03/30” by Dato from Formfunction
“Eucalyptus #03/30” by Dato from Formfunction

“Eucalyptus #03/30” is a wonderful peace by an artist friend near and dear to me. This peace encapsulates, to me at least, the yearning for something serene and peaceful. With my mind and life so hectic and full of uncertainty, it’s no wonder why I wish I was that cloaked woman in the middle of the canvas.

In Conclusion
I’ve been in this NFT space since June of 2021 and I’ve come across the most BEAUTIFUL pieces of art I’ve ever seen, even outside of traditional art. This space is striving and will continue to do so even during a bear market. Do I regret spending thousands on art? No and I will continue collecting pieces that will have a place in my own gallery.

Links to art and their artists’ twitters are in the captions to each image.